LSVT Big Parkinson’s Treatment

Only certified specialist can perform this treatment protocol
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Ensure maximal Range Of Motion (ROM) in any given joint when muscles are tight it can pull a joint or body segment into an unnatural direction causing the opposing musculature to not function optimally, increase pain and stiffness, among other potential impairments


Increasing ones strength to safely and efficiently perform a functional task. weakness can lead to imbalances which may become chronic issues if never addressed. Specific strengthening helps optimize joint stability, protection, and movement patterns. Every plan is patient specific and there is no magic number 10, the treatment approach is individualized.

Balance Training

Neuro-reeducation for decreased fall risk and increased confidence with mobility. Fall prevention is a critical component to the treatment approach especially for a geriatric who is becoming fearful of falls. The fear of falls leads to decreased activity and quality of life, then when the person attempts to functionally move there could be weakness from disuse which further heightens the fear of falling, which causes the negative slope for some individuals

Walking pattern

At Quality in home therapy, we can analyze your gait, and walking pattern and help identify where there may be potential impairments minor or significant, and help target treatment geared towards specific impairments to improve and create a more fluid balance reciprocal gait pattern with improved function. Sometimes people ignore an ankle or hip issue and do not realize the severe impact it may have on the entire gait/walking pattern. My best analogy is that it would be similar to driving a car with a flat tire, you can do it, but, you will cause other issues. An example is having an ankle issue on your right foot may eventually lead to hip and low back pain on the left side. Further analysis and explanation are available upon request

Fall prevention

We are fall prevention experts and help identify and address weakness or imbalance problems leading to a risk of falls. We know and understand about fear of falls and how urgent it is to address balance as fear of falls is a major indicator of future falls. The fear may lead to a negative downward slope where potentially someone does fewer daily activities due to the fear resulting in increased weakness and more fall risk.


We can identify workstations and daily routines as certain movements or postures may lead to what is called repetitive work stress/trauma. This could be a root cause for many issues where it is critical to also review and correct the source of potential issues.